Autor: Emilia Afrange
50th International SPR Meeting Buenos Aires
Submission Reminder

Estão abertas as inscrições para serem apresentados no 50º Encontro

da SPR em Bs As entre os dias 3 a 6 de junho de 2019


50th International SPR Meeting

Buenos Aires, July 3-6, 2019


The Future of Psychotherapy Research:

Building on our 50 Year LegacyDeadline for submissions is

15 December 2018.


Dear SPR Members,


I hope all is well with you as we approach the busy holidays.


This time of year, time goes by quickly so I am sending a reminder to

submit your presentations for the 50th SPR Conference in Buenos Aires

this coming July.


The DEADLINE for submissions is 15 DECEMBER 2018.  The deadline WILL NOT

BE EXTENDED, so please plan accordingly and make your submissions soon.


Here is the links to the conference:

[1].  Click on “Online Submission” for information and the

submission portal (or navigate directly to [2]).